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At Tech And Solve we are interested in your personal and professional development that is why we accompany you

Through the following processes, in the evolution of your technical, cognitive, intrapersonal, interpersonal and management skills, levers of your growth within the company!

Professional development
We love long-term relationships with our talents!
That is why we manage its evolution in our family and we initiate projects that apply compliance with it year after year.
We offer our talents the understanding and realities of the IT industry labor market, we propose fair and competitive compensation models that are consistent with their skills and evolution in the company.
We constantly apply and evolve inclusive practices that accommodate your lifestyle and expectations, with the conviction that comfort is not an ally on the road to excellence.

More than a decade of unforgettable moments are proof that doing things with love and commitment brings great results

We began to realize the dream of a software company focused on the well-being and development of its employees: from now on SOLVERS and allies.
We appropriate agility as a framework to do things differently in the IT sector
We are a 100% agile company, all solvers were trained in this framework!
Excellence is part of our day to day, now as an area! Thus, we become greater generators of value in the professional development of solvers and in the growth of our clients' businesses.
DevOps came into our lives! We find new ways to invest our time creating value
Our operation reaches the banking sector of several Latin American countries!
We love challenges and now we have an area of ​​innovation that prepares us to face the technological challenges of the future!
We celebrate our first decade with more than 80 solvers and more than 20 clients in our portfolio!
Microsoft and Amazon are our allies, now we are partners!

These have been unforgettable moments

Some memories of our trip with Solvers

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Success stories

Learn about the stories of our Solvers and be encouraged to be part of our family