What we do

We are your strategic ally for the challenges of the digital transformation of your business

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Camilo Gómez, Chief of solutions and relationship.

What we do

We are your strategic ally for the challenges of the digital transformation of your business

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Claudia Toscano, Agile coach - IT solutions manager

We accelerate your digital transformation process through agile software development projects and DevOps. This is how we get evolutionary results, fixed times and budgets!

Software development

We understand your business needs and we transform them into software with continuous, evolutive and timely deliveries using agile frameworks.


We automate your applications delivery cycle, ensuring more productivity and an optimal time to market for your business.

We work with agile as a tool to enhance surprising results

As a result, the software developed by Tech And Solve is synonymous of:


Strategical discovery processes with predictable completion.


Value creation from the early stages of the projects thanks to skills, knowledge, and experience of our teams


Projects where changes are welcome!


Excellence and responsibility


Quick fitting out of the functionalities your business requires to validate its strategy


Productivity increase thanks to the development of practices focused on quality

We understand your business challenges! That's why you get great results with us

Digital transformation acceleration

We get your organization ready to iterate on its success hypothesis and then take you to an ideal solution through Software development or DevOps projects optimizing and maximizing the investment made.

Cloud Powered IT Solutions

We understand the relevance of your business operation and we build native cloud solutions to provide reliability, security, performance and a few more essential features to be your customers first choice joined by Software development & DevOps projects processes.

DevOps transformation

We make continuous product delivery come true. We deliver immediate solutions to your company customers needs with the best quality provided by DevOps projects


Our customers challenges are our own challenges, that is why we are at the forefront of technologies to supply our services.

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We are your partners in the technological challenges evolution of your company or in your own professional career.

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