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We are in Colombia! Our location in your time zone ensures immediate support, agile feedback loops, and real-time collaboration. So enjoy greater productivity and achieve success with us by your side!

We understand your business needs

We understand your business needs and transform them into software products with continuous, evolving and timely delivery using agile frameworks.

We accelerate the digital transformation

We accelerate the digital transformation of your company through software development and DevOps projects with agile as a framework So we have evolutionary results, and fixed budgets!

What are the software development service delivery models?

In Tech and Solve, we have 3 Ways We Support Agile Software Development:


Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Unleash the power of borderless collaboration by integrating our engineers with your team. Our software developers become a seamless extension of your company, working closely together to take your projects to the next level.


Project-Based Model

Get a personalized quote for your project. Our team will evaluate your requirements, necessary resources, delivery time, and appropriate technologies. Then, start your project successfully and get a tailor-made proposal for your needs!


Dedicated Teams

Focused on your success, our team of trustworthy and certified professionals offers a personalized delivery tailored to your project’s requirements and your company’s needs. Trust us to exceed your expectations and achieve exceptional results. Together, we will turn your vision into reality.

Technological Stack

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We put top talent with the necessary experience at your disposal to make your project a reality. Reduce costs, save time, and streamline the development process. Take a step towards excellence and achieve extraordinary results in your business. Free up your time and focus on growing!

Obsessive quality, certified talent, and cutting-edge tools: this is how we turn your software into a jewel of trust and agility and adapt to your business needs. We are passionate about exceeding expectations and delivering impeccable results. So trust us to make a difference and take your business to the next technological level!


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“I highlight the quality of Tech and Solve´s team and their Solvers. There isn´t another way to thank you, and also, congratulate you on what they have done for us. By this choice of supplier, we believe that the team was supremely dedicated, and focused on our development, of the project, and I would recommend them, as a supplier as a net ten promoter and thoroughly recommend to another company to work with Tech and Solve as a supplier or strategic ally.”

Sebastián Santacruz
-Head of Digital Solutions at GRUPO CORONA –

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