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What we do?

Access qualified, scalable and flexible talent while saving costs and benefiting from greater geographical and cultural proximity.

Qualified talent

Expand your internal team with skilled and certified professionals who will join to complement your internal team.

Flexibility and scalability

Increase or decrease the size of the team according to your changing needs. This gives you greater operational flexibility and allows you to respond faster to changes in demand.

Cost Savings

Hiring Tech and Solve nearshore staff is more cost-effective than local or offshore staff.

Collaboration and communication

Being in a geographically close location, we offer a lower cultural barrier and ease of communication.

Similar Time Zones

With a +1hr and –2hr time window from East to West, coordination and communication with the nearshore team is more convenient than offshore locations.

What do you get?


Overcome technological challenges easily

Our talent is ready to meet all your specific technical needs. In addition, we have AWS certifications and a comprehensive Stack filling any technological gap you find along the way.


Our formula for success

We apply the best practices in each selection process. With an agile approach, we seek outstanding results and consistently exceed our client’s expectations.


Let us handle everything

We will reduce your recruitment, search, selection, and administrative support costs. We will become your strategic ally, freeing you from worries and allowing you to focus on growing your business.


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“I think it went very well. After concluding it to other projects with a high technical staff level, the guys participating in the project were assigned. I also think the added value is given to the company, the project, and the service with this initiative in SURA.”

Luis Marulanda
-Technology Manager
Insurance at Grupo Suramericana –

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