Efficiency and productivity in the quality assurance process
and deployment of applications, implemented in various
technologies and architectures.
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que hacemos

What do we do?

We automate the delivery cycle of your applications, guaranteeing more productivity and
an optimal time to market for your business

We design, implement and take care of the operation of your DevOps strategies adapting the processes, roles, tools, infrastructure and guidelines required to the context of your needs to achieve.
Efficiency in IT operation
Quality in the deployment of applications
Early detection of application errors before impacting end users
Reduce service problems due to errors in production deployments
At Tech And Solve we implement the processes and tools that are part of your DevOps strategy! In this way you get:
Train the internal or external roles that will execute the defined processes.
The installation and configuration of the tools and infrastructure that will help you to specify the government model on which the defined for devops will operate.
Configure the software development projects determined in your strategy, in the devops tools and infrastructure.
Deliver the operation of your DevOps strategy to expert hands! Trust our trajectory:
Creating and managing the pipelines defined from the beginning of the strategy
Configuring tools that help deliver on our promise.
Continuously delivering information on the quality status of the software.
Delivering information on the progress of our work and the fulfillment of the service
Diagnosing the status of functional and non-functional tests of the software, without actually correcting software.
que obtienes

What do you get?

Thanks to our experience in DevOps, our services are characterized by:


Reduction of up to 60% in costs associated with quality assurance and application release


Faster software delivery. in this way, the business solves its problems and needs more quickly.


Our DevOps culture intervention improves communication between IT areas, and helps eliminate possible silos that hinder work between areas


Our DevOps adoption framework is based on agile practices, on the reality of our clients and on finding elements of early generation of return on investment

como lo prestamos

How do we loan them?

Nos gusta entender el estado de madurez DevOps de tu organización y construir en conjunto el camino más adecuado para adoptar o escalar sus practicas. 

✓ Diseñamos estrategias DevOps que se adaptan a la realidad de tu organización, persiguiendo resultados costo-eficientes. 

✓ Implementamos tu estrategia DevOps con un equipo experto en practicas de desarrollo e infraestructura ágil para soportar su operación y que esta sea sostenible y escalable. 

✓ Acompañamos la escalabilidad de las practicas DevOps en tu organización, para expandir sus beneficios en las áreas de TI involucradas en las entregas de software.

Modelo de colaboración que incorpora la experiencia de nuestros Solvers en generar código eficiente y mantenible a los equipos de trabajo de nuestros clientes, alcanzando en menor tiempo resultados y facilitando la adquisición de habilidades de interés para sus equipos.

como lo prestamos

Case of success

Our relationships with our clients go beyond technology.


Protection testimony

More than providing a service, we are interested in the success of our clients

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